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schmoyoho (AutoTune The News)

This awesome channel introduced Autotuning regular videos to youtube crowd.
They got many funny video's and songs.
Here are the best ones in my opinion.

Bed Intruder Song (full version)

Double Rainbow Song

Wat dus dis mean? :V

Auto-Tune Cute Kids and Kanye

"Chawlie bit meh"

Mommy & Daddy song

"Daddy screamed like a girl" rofl



You all know them, and you all love them! SMOSH

They gained major popularity with the Pokemon Theme Song. Although it got removed from their own channel it is still on youtube. Watch and enjoy:

After the success of the Pokemon Theme Song they started doing other Theme Songs.

Power Rangers Theme Song

Mortal Kombat Theme Song

Continuing being awesome they started doing sketches. This is where they struck gold. Because of the many subscribers they started making money with the partner program from youtube. Thanks to that money the camera's improved and so did the sketches. I'm not going to show all of them because there are A LOT (

Some of my Favorites

Newer videos



Cat playing Duck Hunt (he sucks)

Look at this video of a Cat playing Duck Hunt He sucks ass, though, because it isn't even a touch screen :\ But I thought it was pretty funny so I'll share it with you guys. Also leave a comment below and I'll check you out (if you got something interesting on your blog that is ;))